Sunday, May 31, 2009

You caught me!

Julia getting caught being cute while walking in the back yard.
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Monday, May 25, 2009


Left to her own devices in the closet, Miss Ella opens a drawer and gets right on in!
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ella works the hoodie coverup

Miss Ella relaxes apres-swim with Mom.

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Miss Julia ponders a swim

Julia wanted to swim to the bottom of the pool and do some laps except Dad wanted to move to the hot tub.  Julia decided that wasn't such a bad idea since it was about 10 degrees warmer!
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Pool day

The girls had their first chance to go swimming when we went over to visit Ashton & family the day after their splash party.  The pool was still warm!  Miss Ella was a little trepid at first but warmed up to it.
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Bike Ride

Lolo and Lala were reunited Saturday and Sunday.  Miss Alana met Lauren Saturday night at the movies where they took in a workmanlike "Night at the Museum 2".  The next morning we had pancakes, scrambled eggs and BACON, and then headed out on a bike ride.  It was quite eventful:
  1. Put the Skinned Knees Club in the bike wagon
  2. Rescued a mad snapping turtle on Eisenhauer drive.  (See above)  He tried to bite my finger and scratch me but I managed to get him on the grass to safety.  He could bend his head back pretty far over his shell but he couldn't quite get me.
  3. Rescued a sweet turtle near downtown Carrollton.  I thought we got a picture of it with the girls but I guess not.
  4. Girls ask to get Ice Cream.
  5. Repeat #4 a million times
  6. After getting to downtown Carrollton we figured out that there are no ice cream shops.  Oops.  Placate girls with Strawberry Quik and Oreos.
  7. Ride back home.  Repeat #4 a million more times.
  8. Get to Shakes Frozen Custard.  Get their at 11:35 but they are kind enough to serve us before they open.
  9. Alana eats 3 scoops of ice cream, Lauren eats 5 scoops.  They leave the rest
  10. Return home

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